Helping Hands
Helping Hands

Children are the weakest link of our society and they are our future. It is up to us to protect them by force, to seal them, to feed them, to help them in difficulties, make them happy, just, to be here for their bliss. To each one of us were given special gifts. When we use those gifts for the good of those weakest, we use them good.

To look away is cowardice, each one of us can do something for it. Don’t look away anymore and tell to yourself – “Yes, it’s bad but what can I change myself?”. You can if you want to, because right at the moment when you read those lines, you are deciding the future of one or several children. See to help that children can grow up in society in which they can develop healthy and unfold their personalities. In society, which protects their rights and handles them with respect.

Charity is important – very important. Nobody can stay cool, when other people – especially children suffer from need. And that’s why a lot of people help from the bottom of theit heart.

We decided to help orphans, because they refer to help from all of us. We have that opinion, that we have to do everything possible not to loose their belief in our society. Their wishes and trusts are directed to us.

A lot of us are emigrants or foreigners on their own and we come from the richest countries all over the world. We posses plenty of everything and we spend here in the Czech Republic nice and pleasant time, which we will in a few years like to think about. Or we found new home here or we are socialy and economicaly good established. The gift “HELPING HANDS” should be the possibility for us to give back to orphands of this country some of happiness which this country gave us.


Now you maybe decided to donate. But probably you have some understandeble question – “Will the money be really efficiently used ?”.
To resist this problem, we created the following concept. Our foundation mostly doesn’t give money, but itself buys at wholesales things, which are important and gives them directly to chidren’s homes. If it is necessary to do some repair or saving works we proclaim public competition and the most advantageous offer gets the order. Instead of ostentatious expensive and admirable events well-arranged and senseful projects.

For our foundation all people work for free and at the end of the year are all our books and documents checked free of charge by well-known tax-consulting and auditorial company. Every donor has the possibility to verify what his donation was used for.

On those pages you can find documentation of all our projects including photographs.

Our foundation “Helping Hands” is socially, religiously, racially and politically quite neutral.

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